Korean Air 777-300ER


Hello Everyone! I wanted to make a feature request for a new livery for the 777-300ER I did do research and no this isn’t a duplicate. Post your ideas down below!

Credit goes to Aero Icarus from Zürich, Switzerland
Website is https://www.flickr.com/photos/46423105@N03/6414166985/

Happy Flights :)

Korean Air B777-300ER

Great looking livery! The logo looks a lot like the Pepsi one:-D


Crap I didn’t notice that


This one stays. The other one don’t even have a pic.


Thanks man! Really appreciated!


ill say this before yall go on about the korean air logo looking like the pepsi logo
the korean air logo is part of the korean flag

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I saw this plane IRL at KATL pushing back, the thing is a beauty.

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Why does it look like the pepsi logo though 😂


you should be asking this: why does the pepsi logo look like the korean flag


South Korea Flag’s taegeuk symbol doesn’t look like Pepsi’s Globe logo, there is no white ribbon separating red and blue on taegeuk. Korea Air does have white ribbon in its taegeuk logo through, but it came out in 1984. So it’s all way around. Pepsi Globe logo started in 1950s.

Well thanks for making me do the research on logo history for Korean Air and Pepsi, lol.


Thanks for educating me about my own country’s flag (no sarcasm intended)


We saw the -200 at the airport once, and my dad said, is this a Pepsi plane? 😂 From then on we dubbed this plane the Pepsi plane.

I like this livery, saw this plane yesterday at SFO.

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Dayum hopefully they have Pepsi cans in the cockpit.



It is awesome to see more members from different countries on this forum sharing information to each other creating a tight-knit community even through we are thousands miles (kilometers for you guys) apart.

I think we should see cases of Pepsi cans behind pilots’ seat instead of just a can in cup holder in cockpit for this livery, think it as an easter egg. 😉


haha yea i think that would be a great idea :D

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Why does everyone think that Korean Air’s logo look like a Pepsi logo? I’m triggered!


That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw the logo

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When I was flying the airbus A380 in Korean Air livery I noticed the tail looked like a pepsi logo but it’s cool now that I know the difference between the two thanks to @Deaf

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Please put credits below your photo including a link from where you retrieved the image. Thanks!


What if I got it from google?