Korean Air 777-300ER RKSI - VHHH

Boarding at Seoul

Climbing out and turning south towards China

Cruising somewhere over the Yellow Sea

After about a month of mostly flying the A350 and American and Air Canada 787-8s, I decided to return to flying the 777 with a short (for a 777) hop from Seoul/Incheon International Airport down to Hong Kong.

Server: Solo
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER (Korean Air)
Route: Seoul/Incheon Intl. (ICN/RKSI) - Hong Kong/Chep Lap Kok Intl. (HKG/VHHH)

Never realized how big Shanghai was before I flew over it at FL380

Descending into Hong Kong; airport is in sight

On final

Rolling out after landing on RWY 25R

On the ground in Hong Kong; ready to disembark passengers and unload cargo before preparing for the next flight back to Seoul