Korean Air 747-8 Atlanta

I dont usually fly the 747 class in infinite flight. But when I do im generally lazy in itself just to fly around and gain flight hours. I used this valuable time to fly the 747-8 varient on Infinite Flight after 7 or so months of not flying it.

Yesterday I took off from KATL off to RKSI ( didnt make it to KRSI due to game crash )


Last night I took off from RKSI to KATL and landed around 7am EST today.

I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed this post. More will be hopefully coming soon.



What time did you takeoff from Atlanta yesterday? May have seen you and you may have seen me :) Nice pics :)


I don’t have the 747-8 becuse I don’t have infinte flight pro

I’m very tired. 😆 I knew i would mess something up. I think I took off at like 1am est yesterday.

The 747 class in itself is a werid class for me. It may be good for you.

Nice Pictures

I want to Board Cosmos Suite 2.0 lol

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Very cool.


I think the 747 it’s still a good plane