Korean Air 704 Heavy Seoul Approach

Hello, this is one of your fellow pilots that was doing a flight down to Seoul from Tokyo. As I was descending, the first thing I saw was the Seoul Approach. Two of them. I read the ATIS and it said contact Seoul Approach 190.90 when arriving from South. Contact Seoul Approach 119.75 when arriving from East. I contacted Seoul 119.75 to request ILS approach for RWY 15L and I was given an unnecessary message to check the user guide for ATC instructions which absolutely makes no sense at all. I am a Grade 5 Expert Server Pilot and when contacting approach, it is always ILS because I’m gonna be given vectors and that’s the proper procedure you should request and also there are traffic around the whole entire airspace and now GPS approach. Please take this consideration and bring this situation to the controller. Thank You!

@PlaneGeek and @lucaviness were probably your controllers. Shoot them a PM.

Edit: Don’t PM Luca. Just PM PlaneGeek.

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You’re controller is @PlaneGeek contact them and they will give you a good explanation :)

Also, approach should be contacted within 50nm of the aiport and below FL180.

Ok will do because that absolutely makes no sense. I would’ve been so close to getting a Level 3 Violation for not following instructions or I would’ve been caused by this controller to end the flight which is not fair. I need to complete my flight appropriately and professionally

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