Korean Air 471 ICN - RGN with airport review

Some one asked me do a report about my flight from ICN to RGN!
Sorry for the very few pictures after flying over 20 hours I wasn’t in the mood grab to many pictures.

We had arrived via Delta 199 on a 767 to ICN where we cleared security, this was our first real layover and we didn’t have to rush towards our flight.
Security in Korea was extremely helpful, and kind. The airport was best described as a shopping mall, with duty frees, popular clothing stories, jewelry stores this airport had it all including robots to help you around

The short time spent in ICN was our time have our first real cooked food in over a day. We attended a noodle place in ICN by gate 241
Lunch/dinner (which we referred as Linner) was pork with noddles, while it looked extremely innocent what hid below the bowl was hell, or extremely spicy stuff… As a person who cannot handle heat this was hot.

We boarded Korean Air 471, an Airbus A330. This was extremely exciting for me as this was my first Airbus Airplane I’ve flown on! The seat was actually comfortable, or I was just to dead tired to complain, we departed about 6pm for our 6 hour flight to RGN.
We had an inflight meal, I picked the chicken which once again was spicy. It came with rice, a. Extremely small salad, way to much salad dressing, and water. The thing I loved about this meal, I had real silverware.

Desert the flight attendants offered us icecream and coffee (Which it was amazing to have caffeine) the Icecream was a cheese cake kind of Icecream.

For a short time I tried their inflight entertainment center and played Tetris. A game I love to play. The flight over wall was extremely smooth, the flight attends were very kind and nice!

While I didn’t have to many pictures the flight back will have more information and pictures!


Nice I like that robot thing in the first photo.

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It’s extremely cute! It helps guide you around the airport


Airport of the future, glad you enjoyed the flight, and your first airbus.

And everyone could use some Korean Air hospitality

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I still will take an Airbus Helicopter over their fixed wing ;)
I loved flying Korea it was a great experience!

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nice flight.
Hope you enjoy.
Tip tho: Iced coffee more on the bitter side really helps with lag.

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