KORD - Wrong size Terminal Stands

Good evening IF Team (Airport editing team),

I’ve just noticed a possible issue at KORD.

I was in the 777-300ER and spawned into Terminal 4 - Concourse C Gate C15

As you can see from the photos, the back end was way over the access road and there is no way another aircraft could use the taxi way without hitting my aircraft.

I’m guessing heavies should not be able to spawn at that side of the terminal with smaller stands?

Hope this helps


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@Chris_Wing @Major-Tom @med_hadi.a @Dan

What server are you on?

Expert, does that make a difference?

No need to tag everyone. We can link the topic to the airport thread to find reasoning and resolution if applicable.

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Sorry, just looked to see who was credited with the work.

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It’s okay, we’re all pretty active throughout the day and evenings and try to communicate these things as quick as possible. We want everyone to have the best and most enjoyable experiences as possible :)


Sir there’s no T4

Heavies don’t park on the inner side of C they park on the other side, also as I’ve mentioned already in this topic T4 doesn’t exist it’s T1

Hmm this is not the way to address editors. They spent their time doing research and building this airport.

Please be more respectful


Can you provide official documents that they can refer to in order to fix the issue?

Apologies to Dan, I do appreciate the hard work and “Research”. There’s still the fact that this airport was just about done almost a year ago. If it’s taken this long to release then I think gates and terminals should be labeled correctly. And for the size limits, it just takes some time on flightaware

I mean I don’t know where you got that the airport was fine a year ago. But if there’s any mistakes, provide detailed feedback and attached something the editor can refer to in order to fix the issues.

This is volunteers so please be respectful

I didn’t say the airport was fine but it was nearing completion. It was streamed Live on YouTube. And yea maybe it wasn’t as close to being done as I thought but it’s still been almost a year

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The airport was still far from done when he showed it. Please remember the people who edited KORD are volunteers and do not get paid to do this. They do it to show passion for the game. They work on airports in their free time. They also want to fly and enjoy the game they are paying for in their free time. Also KORD has a lot of construction right now at some terminals. Trying to get the satellite imagery takes a while to get. The editors probably don’t know a ton about KORD’s real life operation (maybe they do) so for the gate sizes they just see if the aircrafts fits there, and if it does they will size it accordingly. Please be a bit nicer when bringing up these issues as the editors worked very hard on this airport and the issues you are pointing out are very minor. Just enjoy 3D KORD like the rest of us and if you see an issue, please say something about it in a nice, respectful manner so the editors can get it fixed.


Apologies for any inconvenience. Adjustment to Concourse C west side start location size will be made for next cycle.

Kind regards,