KORD - TJSJ - Beautiful Caribbean and Puerto Rico

**1) Yesterday I took a beautiful trip down to San Juan from Chicago in a United A320! I was accompanied on this flight by @AnthLawton. **

2) Expert Server, KORD - TJSJ, Flight time 4:29, Departed around 10:30

Just tuned into San Juan Oceanic Center! Coming over Haiti and the Dominican Republic at this point. The passengers will be thrilled!

Over Dominican Republic and coming close to an airport with ATC! Not mine! The beautiful rainforests can be seen in all their glory.

Like my previous screenshots topic, we’re yet again up close and personal with the pilots!

Underneath and looking at that sleek belly!

Over the beautiful mountains in Puerto Rico coming in for a buttery landing in TJSJ!

Seatbelt signs are on and ready to go off into the distance and land!


WoW i like it