KORD Spotting from December of 2015!

Hi Everyone!

So recently I found some old photos from when I went spotting back at KORD in Winter of 2015! I figured I’d post these to show you guys how things can change in 5 years and all of the different airlines and types that operate on the different routes a few years back. I might make this a series because I have quite a few but IDK.

First off we have a United 767-300 N657UA from Brussels

Then we have a United 747-400 N177UA from Tokyo

Next up we have an Iberia A330-300 EC-LXK from Madrid

Coming up now we have a British Airways 747-400 G-CIVS from London

Getting ready to go here we have an Ethiad 777-300ER A6-ETA going to Abu Dhabi

Back to landings now we have an Austrian 767-300 OE-LAZ from Vienna

Taking off for Miami we have an American 737-800 N865NN

Going over to Cargo we have an EVA Air Cargo 747-400 B-16402 from Anchorage

We now have ANOTHER 747-400 from United N197UA on a quick hop from San Fransisco
Finally we have a KLM Asia 777-200ER PH-BQK form Amsterdam

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I’ll see if I can find some more in the future!


Wow! Amazing how much has changed in only a few years

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Indeed, you wouldn’t think much but as it turns out a good amount has


Its like going through an old family photo album. Probably one of my favorite spotting topics 👍


Thank you!

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I loved the UA 744! 😍

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I know such a lovely aircraft! Shame they were retired though.

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😭😭The United 747😭😭

Also, you’d never notice, but planes even 5 years ago were so bulky. Now that we have sleek, efficient designs such as the 787, 350, 220, etc., you really start to notice how bulky older aircraft are. Especially since many in the photos are retired, or soon to be retired.


When you think about that and look at the photos that actually seems quite true

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