KORD Runways and Time Issues

Here is my first issue. Both are on iPhone 12. So KORD has more RWY’s on the map then are in Infinite Flight. Is this just a me issue, or is this just not in the game. There is RWY 4L and 22R, which aren’t in the game. There maybe more but I don’t know. Also it is on Google Earth, which I am pretty sure IFAET uses when doing airports.

Now to my second issue. My times always get messed up in-flight. Is there a fix to this?


Hello @Pilot_InfiniteFlight,

The IFAET is aware that the layout of KORD in Infinite Flight is outdated. This is dependable on imagery sources that can show more up-to-date images for this airport. Rest assured that the team will be updating the airport, once they can have updated, useful imagery.


@brunocr98 Ok thanks for the information! Also happy IFC anniversary!!!

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