KORD - LGAV Flight

I’m thinking about doing man overnight flight from KORD - LGAV. However, due to the pandemic and possibly some other reasons, the flight info is not out there. If there is anyone that could give me some information on the flight, that would be great. Thanks!

I did this flight a few months ago what info do you need?

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I believe it is operated by an American Airlines 787-8. You could use the 787-9 as a replacement if you don’t want to fly generic


Gates for departure and arrival, flight time, and any notes you think I should know before the flight. I have the flight plan however.


There’s the flight number and block time with AA’s Chicago to Athens flight.

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American long haul flights leave from the K concourse at ORD. The flight takes roughly 9:20 depending on the wind.

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Any other questions?

Yes, google says the flight is almost 12 hours…

That seems a bit off that must be calculating ground time etc… But the airtime is roughly 9:20.

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Henlo. Chicagoan here

Gates: K concourse
Dep rwy: 10L/28R

If departing 10L, straight out until 5,000ft
If 28R, straight out just past the airport, turn toward OBK VOR, then proceed on your way

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Those are flights that have 1 or more stops.

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Check out simbrief, it will give you the estimated flight time !
For the rest I use the airline’s website if no information is available on FR24 because of COVID

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