Hey everyone today I’m back with another screenshot topic and I think this one is worth it, last night I was flying to Steamboat Springs (maybe a bit early for the skiing season but) I saw this amazing sunset that I would like to share with you guys!

Server: Expert
Aircraft: CRJ 700
Time: Last night

Loading up the passengers and cargo! The small skiing town always need new food!

And rotate this was taken from one of my fellow pilots who was sitting in the back!

At cruise the sun hasn’t set yet but still a great shot!

Just the start, I love the reflection on the Nose!

Nothing really happened most of the flight but once we started our decent into Steamboat we started to have a incredible sunset and this is just the start!


The Sun went a little bit lower and I got a great shot with the mountains.


A wing tip and a sun that keeps getting lower this might be my favorite.

And touchdown with the last bit of the sun in the background.

Parked at the gate with the last bit of sun.

I really enjoyed this flight and I hope you enjoyed my photos!

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Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Very awesome. Nice sunset.

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Awesome photos!

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Great pics

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Absolutely stunning! How long was the flight?

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About 2 hours!

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