KORD Is terribly inaccurate

I’ve noticed that runway 4L/22R has been removed from KORD in infinite flight. This runway is still active IRL and has no plans on closing in the near future. The simulator is also missing runway 9C/27C which opened 8 months ago!! That runway needs to be added asap and runway 9R/27L extension is also missing. This is a major airport so I don’t see why any delays are needed, needs to be update to keep the simulator realistic. The northern airport part of the airport in infinite flight is unrecognizable compared to the actual
airport with just two runways in the simulator with four being at the actual airport.




I noticed this too and I was checking the airport layout (irl) and comparing it to the one in IF and discovered this little bug as the approach procedures still load for 22R.

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yeah i don’t know what the deal is, they’ve done the wrong thing removing 4L/22R recently but couldn’t do the right thing by adding 9C/27C… they had to have done this after the runway opened because i didn’t notice any changes after the runway opened until now. weird…

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I guess time will tell. Hopefully in the near-future (maybe if they add 3D buildings to ORD) would they add the missing runways.

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The layouts of airports are painstakingly created by hand by a team of volunteers known as airport editors. The team is well aware of the ongoing construction to O’Hare and has been consistently updating it to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately our process requires the satellite imagery (usually Google Maps) to be up to date enough to show these changes. In the case of O’Hare, while you, I, and the editor who is assigned to it know that these differences exist, they are not shown on our satellite imagery. As soon as the imagery is updated to reflect these changes, I can promise that work will commence on the updated layout for you to enjoy. Since I’m not privy to the Google satellites, I cannot give a time frame for this to happen. What I can say is that imagery around Chicago updates every 6-12 months and the last pic was taken in October. It’s plausible it happens soon.

I hope that somewhat long winded explanation into our process gave you an answer. I apologize if it wasn’t the answer you were looking for. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out.


I don’t live in Chicago but this airport layout is so weird enough in my opinion it deserves to be 3D to see how it’ll turn out 😭


It’ll probably turn out weird enough…


The last update KORD got broke more than it fixed.
I guess that’s the problem with updating airports in the middle of a construction project, the moment it is released in IF, it is outdated.

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you got that right

ok great, sounds good. 👍🏼