KORD glitch?

Does anyone know why 22R and a bunch of taxi way is missing at KORD? It’s weird because it’s still a runway in service right now.

Not sure about that but I fell through the ground at KORD the other day!!!

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They were removed for some reason in the most recent airport update. @jakey2_0 was the last one to edit it. You can bring it up with him

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they’re waiting for the satellite imagery that they use to update

Below the response from the editor.

The team is well aware of the current situation with KORD. The editor is currently working on this, but there’s no estimate as to when it will be available.


My home airport, all glitched out

Noah sad

It is my home airport too…

Hi, as Bruno said, I am aware of the situation at ORD. Imagery is available now however I can’t give any timeline for the completion as of now. “Soon”


Great! Thanks for the input.

Maybe and hopefully there working to make 3d buildings there?🤔

Idk but hopefully it becomes a 3D airport soon cause that thing is so strange to navigate.

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