KORD: ExtraORDinary

Introducing: The Long-Awaited SUPERSTAR AIRPORT OF UPDATE 23.3!


This airport is one of the most detailed airports I have actually seen. With custom ATC towers, car parks, terminal accuracy, to cargo aprons, this airport is a W. Props to the airport editors! W!

Please, enjoy the photos.

Custom ATC tower+ terminal 3

A new construction vehicle with another custom tower!

Another construction crane with a beautiful terminal

ATC tower close-up lol

Cargo area

Cargo area part 2

T e r m i n a l.

A N O T H E R. T E R M I N A L.

Group photo!

Loving the update 23.3. Its amazing! 🤯

which photo did you like the most?

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Have a great day!


Send me your exact Kordinates right now or else…


Or else what? What if I don’t follow your ORDer? 😈

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You just spoke Lithuanian


You don’t follow my orders…. An e145 will crash in your house while you’re sleeping

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I’m pretty sure it’s koordinates right?

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go ahead…
im bOReD anyways 🥱

(Im kidding pls dont kill me)

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It’s on it’s way to Hong Kong, tho it’s kinda an unafordable thing to crash a plane into your house.

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I was thinking about buying a fORD but i decided to go with the Honda AccORD

I’m not buying a car btw


Sir, that’s fine. However, there’s a problem. I don’t have a house. I only have a home. I live in a building. I am not rich to affORD a house bro

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I’m ready for the new gen ConcORDe


You know what Im just gonna write a whole poem of this on the BOARD

Ok!, While you do that i’m going to ORDer some Mcdonald’s

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Then it will be less affordable to crash the plane

well accORDing to my info, KORD is quite interesting! all photos are good!

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