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Really not a complaint but earlier at ORD the ATC directed me a heading and cleared me for a specific runway, then realized i overshot the runway threshold and assigned a different heading and cleared me for another runway. Before that they assigned an altitude and to maintain the altitude until established on the localizer and I almost crashed, well, A A330 almost crashed into me I would say he was about 500 feet below me. He or she wasn’t following ATC instructions.

The timeframe this happened was about 2020-09-09T16:40:00Z

Thank you.

Do you know who the controller was?

Chances are the individual not following ATC instructions got reported after. Sometimes it’s not immediate that we notice but it usually happens pretty quickly. Sorry to hear you had a poor experience. Your controller is @Enrique_Fernandez it seems. Feel free to shoot him a pm if you’d like to discuss the issue one on one.

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Adding on to @Asher , please recognize at very busy airports at peak times, controllers eyes may be on the opposite end of the airport dealing with something else, such as a go around, or even another report. One time I had to deal with 3 reports in a span of 10 seconds (although that is quite rare). Many reportable offenses can take place in a matter of seconds, and we need to be 100% certain a report is deserved before we send it. If we only catch the last seconds or the aftermath of the offense, we can’t beyond a reasonable doubt say something happened.
Also at a quick glance, it’s easy to look at it and not know whether it was you, or another pilot, who committed the offense. Who flew through who, or who taxis through who, is always something that can come in to question. Obviously, we’d hate to report the wrong guy (such as yourself) thinking that you were the one that did it.
However we do personally apologize that this happened. Obviously we try to maintain the best standard, but unfortunately, like explained above, certain situations may fall through the cracks. I’m truly sorry, and I truly hope such event never happens again.
Happy flying!😁


Hello, I think I was the controller, feel free to PM me with your display name and callsign so we can discuss this issue 😊

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