KORD Approach

Hey, so i’m looking for the approach frequency on TS1 at KORD and I can’t seem to find it. I’ve checked the surrounding airports so does anyone know where this would be found?

I’m trying to control approach.

This can be closed. Turns out departure freq works as both departure and approach. Not sure why? Maybe an editing issue?

sometimes if the airport is not busy the departure frequency will act as both approach and departure

There are multiple approach frequencies at KORD, not just departure.

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I stand corrected. They seem to have disappeared

Changing this to support, as I believe the frequencies should be there. I know they have been there in the past.

(If that isn’t support, someone who knows can put it where this type of issue goes.)

For edification:


Ok. Thanks Tim!

I think it’s a editing mistake. But I don’t know. It’s best a staff member deal will this.

That’s a lot of tower frequencies… I assume you would only see that many freqs on expert though.

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Perhaps. I’m not allowed to control on TS, but I think you’re correct. Multiple frequencies of the same type are ES only.

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Hence moving to support…

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For what it’s worth, at least one approach frequency, 121.15, is missing from the last time I controlled at KORD:

image image

Also note that those frequencies now appear as Unknown in the log when indicating who is speaking to whom.

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I’ll review the frequencies of the airport again. Thank you for pointing it out.

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We don’t do airport editing issues :)
Fortunately there’s a great team that does that, and hence @brunocr98 is now working on it!


Hey! Just an update, KSLC on TS1 also is missing a departure frequency.

Problem solved. Should appear on the next scenery push.

This can be closed now.