Kord approach atc

Hi so i was flying into KORD and ATC said i should turn 260 and i did then later he said turn 360 and i did then he gave me a violation

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Please contact the controller via PM. You have been told to do so multiple times, public topics are not needed.


do you know his @

The controller’s in-game display name is their IFC username. Please check your logbook.

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The current approach controllers are @Olivier999 and @MJMN if either of those ring a bell.

This as well. ^


got it. i just pm’d him

In future there is no need to make a topic. Added into the game in 20.2 was the addition of linking your IFC account to your in game account. Members of IFATC have to link both of their account in order to sign-up for IFATC. In future if there is anything you were unsure of about what your controller did check the username by clicking the microphone button and it should be above all the commands. If you end your flight then go to your logbook (if you get a violation) and you should see your controllers IFC name :)


hi do you know if he’s still controlling it’s been almost 3 hours since i messaged him

I’m not too sure, you can always contact @appeals to see if you can get your violation removed! But patience is key!!!

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He’s probably busy, give it time. He’ll respond eventually.

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It can take up to 24 hours. You just have to wait. This topic like your others should be closed since you have clearly been told how to handle these.

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A final note - If you are concerned with the speed at which the controller replies, feel free to add appeals. Note that there is no guarantee they’ll reply any faster but if you are truly not willing to wait then feel free. Otherwise, flagged for closure.