I didn’t leave you Pilots on purpose. That region is extremely unstable and causes tons and tons of lag with everything you attempt to do. Ultimately the app crashed. I know commands where late, altitudes wrong, headings all jacked up. I decided to not reopen and cause the continuous disservice to you flyers.

And to the pilot that got “please follow instruction or you will be ghosted” sorry about that you didn’t do anything wrong


We still love you mate. Don’t forget :-)


It’s really busy at KORD today. Was waiting for 10mibs for pushback, have given up and gone for breakfast before trying again!

The New ATIS is fantastic and gives you information ( like holds at gate due to delays)

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@THE-OP Stop apologizing and get the 10.5! Then come race me on Monster Energy Supercross…



You don’t want any of this…

Isn’t supercross on the Xbox anyhow?

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That’s correct sir 🤘


no worries my friend…it was a mad house there this morning

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All IFATC have their not so good times. It’ takes a real ATC to admit it and to come clean to the public. Well done my friend and because if this I look forward to flying under you now because I know you’ll be fair and you will be honest to all pilots.


I must say I was expecting see an approach controller while I was descending into KORD 20 mins ago. Fortunately though, the bunch of pilots I met landing into KORD are worthy of the expert server. Everyone lined up nicely on either the 27 or 28 runways, beginning from about 45 miles out. Perhaps the ATIS frequency helped, because I definitely tuned in to see which runways were active for landings. Nonetheless I’m pretty proud and stoked that many of us were quite civil in this situation.

Thanks ATC Heez, you’re doing admirably well on Tower and Ground!


I can just add to what @THE-OP said.
I tried my luck a few minutes after and had the same results. The lag was so bad, that the app stopped for a good 5-10 seconds after every command. With 20+ people in your airspace that’s anything but fun.
Sorry for any inconveniences from my side too.
I’ll be opening a different frequency later today!
Hope to see some of you there :)

Yea, not sure what was going on. A few controllers mentioned lagginess, it was on awhole other level.

I hate giving bad service and try my best to work through it.

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Chicago was like this preglobal. What a coincidence…

The two are obviously not related, when I started my flight an hour ago I think I saw something like 75 aircraft inbound to Chicago. It’s totally understandable, thank you for trying!

I had actually tuned into your session when I was on final approach from LAS. I didn’t find anything wrong besides making me turn 90 degrees left, which was kind of humerus. as appose the airport was on my right and I didn’t get any other indication to turn headings after that. Now that I know what happened, I am quite shocked you took the time to apologize. Hey,I got safely to the apron and that’s all that I care about

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