Kool11’s ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED]

As I am waiting to receive some training for IFATC practical exam I’d like to practice my ATC skills

Airport: Not open atm
Frequencies: Ground & Tower
Time: N/A
Server: Training

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Hey, I’ll stop by in a minute!

Hey @kool11

I was MAGIC who flew in for a pattern

  • I requested takeoff you gave me the left pattern. Ideally, the right pattern would be more efficient.
  • You are supposed to give a sequence so that the pilot knows who to follow.
  • Clearances should be given after each tng.
  • You should not give direction for every tng, only if its a runway change.
  • Excellent catch of the Go-around.
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Hey, @kool11

Thanks for the service at WSSS today!

Here is my feedback from OK-LOL


[12:07:30z] - An Altitude of 2500ft was too low. Normally, you wanna have 1000ft of separation with aircraft remaining in the pattern. The best transition altitude in this case should’ve been 3000ft. Here is a formula that does a good job finding the perfect transition altitude.

Airport elevation + 2500ft, then round up the results to the nearest 500ft.

Pattern Entries

12:09:19z] - When I called inbound for landing above the airport, I was given left downwind for 02C. Based on my inbound position, the best pattern entry should’ve been Enter Right Downwind, right 02C. I am not sure if you mixed left and right.

Taxi to Parking/Runway

12:14:43z] - When I requested taxi to any runway. I was given taxi to parking instead. I had to request an specific runway for you to understand my request.

This can be easily fixed by reading the requests carefully before giving any instructions.

Traffic Directions

12:18:44z] - When I requested take off clearance to remain in the pattern, I did not receive a traffic direction (Make right/left traffic). again, just read carefully the pilots request.


[12:23:14z] - I had to report position on base for you to issue me a clearance.

Other than that, I had no other issues. Keep up the great work. Hope to see you in the team soon!

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That’s it for today! It’s awkward to say that I really did mixed up left and right (as in the case of me reading the inverted maps). Thanks to those who attended this session and I hope that I will have the time for another session tmr


WSSS is open again! Again I’ll be here for the next 1.5 hours.

I’ve decided to close the station early since only no one came.

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