KONT airport taxi way

Device: iPhone 11
Operating system: IF


This is to be expected KONT Is currently an auto generated airport that has not been worked on by airport editors this leads to issues such as the one shown trust me it will be fixed when the editing team gets to it

I’m very sure the airport was edited way back in the 2D days. An autogen is never that pretty.

I came across this issue a while ago and reported it to an airport moderator who forwarded it to the team.

huh that looks weird lol
When this airport gets to be in 3D, it will be fixed :D

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People often assume airports that aren’t edited in the new editor are ‘autogens’, which is by far not the case. The cause of these visual line errors were in the change of systems as 2D editing was made using the internal system - what and where the cause is, I don’t know exactly, although it can only be fixed manually.


I believe those lines are there to prevent traffic accidents.🚦🛑 🚥

Because that is one of most used airports.🏭

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Don’t worry, I’ll be building KONT in the coming months. 😎

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Our fingers 🙌have headache after each flight. Hmm it makes me think about thats why KONT🦇 (count) has millions of taxilines. Some of them must be tire track. 🛴

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