Konnerj41’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I am taking my ATC Practical tomorrow, come fly some patterns at San Antonio so I can get some extra practice!

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@OKCFlight86 not OKC, but close enough lol.

I’ll be there in 5 minutes :)

Hey there @Konnerj41, you did great!

Your clearances were correct, and you only gave me a traffic direction when needed. Your pattern entries were flawless, and you handled the go-around and runway change with ease. Nicely done!

The only thing to note was your transition altitude. KTUL has an elevation of 675ft. In this case, the optimal transition altitude would have been 3000 feet. You gave me 3500. Luckily, it isn’t below 2500 AGL so it’s not a big deal, it just could have been lower.

We didn’t get to test sequencing today, but if you are good with that then you are absolutely ready for your practical!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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You don’t have to make a new tracking thread for each opening - you can use the same one each time by editing the title!

So just to clarify for transitions, I thought we were looking for 1000 feet vertical separation from pattern traffic. If field elevation is 700, jet patterns would be 2200. 3000 wouldn’t be high enough for 1000 foot separation right? (obviously there was no one else in the pattern but the point remains).

Got this already from multiple people. Will make sure to do it next time if I have another session

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I’ll see if I can stop by on your next session :)

You’re completely right. It’s been a long day. My bad! With that cleared up, your session was flawless!

Nicely done, and sorry about that.

I was hoping for this to be my last session, and take my practical tomorrow or Friday but still waiting to hear back from my recruiter.


Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do fantastic.

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No worries! Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it

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Apparently I am the slowest to see notifications. I’m almost to atl as I took off from Pittsburg what seems to be right before you tagged me. Sorry man… What have you been working on? Anything specific?

How long you usually open for?

Usually an hour. Tonight was only 40 minutes, I only had one person show up. I’m just trying to practice for my test, nothing specific really. I’m from OKC, but I live in Dallas, so I like flying/ATC in Oklahoma lol.

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Ah ok very cool. I’m originally from CT, but now live in OKC lol. Big stars fan so I try to get to dallas often. I’m sure I’ll see ya soon enough. My display name is the same in the game… Can’t miss my rubbish landings haha

NOW OPEN at San Antonio ground and tower!

KSAT closed

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