Kona Kaos! [CANCELLED] @PHKO 232100ZNOV19

Global Awareness

No, not that type of global awareness, but Infinite Flight’s type. We may have a culture between KSFO and KSJC, but that’s different 🙄.

What my events are, is they are suggested in this thread by the community, ideally for underrated international airports hosting all kinds of routes, to show the world what the developers and IFAET have put into this game. Over these series I try to locate the gates with the aircraft, offering as many routes that would suite the community’s liking, but if you want to fly a specific route that is used in real world, go ahead and request it, and I’ll do my best to fit it in. All of these events are to explore the globe, making everyone aware of what is out there, and how much you can actually enjoy it! So COME ALONG, and join us on this tour!

Suggested by: @George_Alazar

Kona International Airport


Kona International Airport is on the Islands of Hawaii, in Kalaoa, United States. The airport serves leeward, or western Hawaii Island, including the town of Kailua-Kona and the resorts of the North Kona and South Kona districts. Much of the runway is built on a relatively recent lava flow, the 1801 Hu’ehu’e flow from Hualālai. This flow extended the shoreline an estimated 1 mile (1.6km), adding some 4km² to the island.



Server: Expert

Airport: PHKO

Time: 1600Z, 23rd November 2019-11-23T16:00:00Z

(This will automatically convert to your timezone)

NOTAMS: A ‘ATIS’ produced by me will be released in a PM or a Slack group (depending on the amount attending), so we all know where to taxi and what to be aware of. Respect ATC/Unicom and use in the correct manner.


Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Av flight time Attendee
01B United B752 Denver KDEN 6:30
02 American B772 Dallas KDFW 6:25 @Altaria55
03 Japan Airlines B763 Tokyo Narita RJAA 8:20
04 Delta B739 Seattle KSEA 5:30
05A Alaskan B739 Oakland KOAK 4:45
05C Westjet B738 Vancouver CYVR 5:45
06A Hawaiian B712 Honolulu PHNL 0:30
06B Hawaiian B712 Honolulu PHNL 0:30
07 Southwest B738 Honolulu PHNL 0:30 @anon41771314
08 Alaskan B738 Seattle KSEA 5:30
09 United B739 San Francisco KSFO 4:45
10A Hawaiian B712 Kahului PHOG 0:25
10C Hawaiian B712 Lihue PHLI 0:40 @Ecoops_123
General Aviation
Gate Livery Aircraft Destination ICAO Av flight time Attendee
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Av flight time Attendee
1 UPS MD-11F San Bernadino (near KLAX) KSBD 4:50
2 Fedex C208 Hilo (high terrain) PHTO N/A
3 Fedex C208 Kahului PHOG N/A
4 Fedex C208 Lanai PHNY N/A

See you there!

I am not responsible for any violations/ghosts you may receive.


05C, please.

Gate 7, please

@Altaria55 @anon41771314

You’re in! Hope to see you there!

I’m hoping to get some good shots out of these!


Please note that Kai Tak flyout is 1 hour after this.

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@anon41771314 @Altaria55

Will you still be able to attend if I change the time to 1600Z to fit more attendees in and spafe for me to attend the event above? ^

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Quick note! AA flies the 777 to and from KOA. Not the a321

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I can switch to 03 if you switch it to 1700Z. But if it gets switched to 1600Z, I could do 02.

So, shall I switch you to gate 02? (Time changed)

Well noted. I didn’t find any information on this flight, so combined the suggester’s list with mine. He is from Dallas so I left it in.

I’ll change it! Thanks!

Yes, change me to 02.

Psst, instead of the 77W, it is the 772

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Yeah, that’s fine

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Doh! Ok 😂 I couldn’t find any info on this flight.

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6 days. Bumping this because I’m creating the PM now. On larger events I use Slack.

While I love to fly to Hawaii, this sadly conflicts with AA 1 year celebration event :(

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Yeah, I’m planning on canceling it and re-arraging to another date for a VA.