Kona International Airport

I think it would be super cool if this airport was made 3D! The design on it is super unique and lots of the gates are outside which is really cool. I think that if this were added a lot more flights would go to Hawaii. This airport also has a lot of significance in my life so it would be awesome if it were added.

IFAET is not accepting airport requests at this time.

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Although editors usually don’t take requests, YOU can make that airport! Just apply to the Airport Editing Team right here:

Note: It may take several months before you’re accepted.

Of course, you’ll have to prove yourself before you’re allowed to edit huge airports like Kona by doing a good job at editing smaller airports first, but I’m sure you will get at that level in no time!


Unfortunately, you are TL1 and cannot post feature requests which are why this is in General. I would take this topic down and apply for IFAET and become an editor yourself and do KOA, and as Darkspoul said, IFAET is not accepting requests.


Shouldn’t be posting 3D airport requests in #features anyway so… not particularly relevant :^)


Kona has been done for quite some time but it faces a dilemma that we’ve been dealing with. And it regards “peaked roofs”. As you may be familiar, Kona doesn’t have a conventional terminal. Rather they have these hut like structures. By making these a one layer squared roof would look quite silly and would not accurately portray the true beauty of Kona Airport.

Will need to discuss this with Infinite Flight to determine how to go about getting this airport reviewed and released as soon as we can.

In the meantime here’s what it looks like at the moment. 😎