KOIIX ATC Tracking Thread TS (Closed@KLGB)

Arr., Dep., and Pattern Work accepted.
Open to everyone on TS1.
Active Runways:
Arr: 1L 1R 8L
Dep: 8L 1R
PW accepted on 1L or 8R(for GA aircraft)

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LS296 currently flying patterns.

Doing great so far!!

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Arr:12, 07L(For GA etc.)
Dep: 12, 07L and 07R(For GA etc.)
Pattern Work accepted (Although try not to interfere with inbound traffic to KLAX)

Thanks bro! Sorry about that confusion about the pattern direction i had a brain fart lol.

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It was kinda fun to reserve thrust! No worries!

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Thanks for coming out! : )


You did really well. I like how you corrected your mistake with the guy behind me, giving a direction after the option!

Are you training? If so, you’re doing very well. Keep going and good luck!


Thank you!I didnt follow one of the applications instructions so i got pushed back but i will be able to test in a 3 days. Ive been ready for like 3 months lol

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Lesson here kids… Dont be impatient with anything in life. Patience is a virtue!

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True say, but easier said than done! Good luck with your test and see you in the controlling realm soon! 👋🏻

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The wind have just shifted.
Runways are now 30, 25L and 25R

I was N1JC, great job! But let’s get a little more specific:

The Good
Using RWY30 to not interfere with LAX traffic, seamless runway change, I like it.
Good sequencing.
All instructions on point.

The Bad

Not necessarily “bad”, but you don’t have to send on guard right after I cross the hold short. I was retracting flaps and spoilers just then and wanted to align with the taxiway then request taxi to parking. Trust me, when you get to control busy airports as an IFATC, you won’t have time to monitor my movements after the exit command.

The Awful


Also apologies on my first -800fpm landing.

Justin Chan

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Oh ok. I thought you forgot lol. I was like he had to be scolding himself as soon as he got on the ground after that landing. You should spot me; i do like almost 1100 fpm but manage to salvage it lol! (But thanks for the feedback)

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Winds have changed again and 12 is in use (only runway for PW and right traffic), along with 25R and 25L for departures.


12 Left PW
7L and 7R in use as well

Was just there for a few patterns as N479QT in a Citation. Overall great. I was doing tight patterns and hand flying 100% (also my wife was asking me questions :) ) so I couldn’t pay a lot of attention to other traffic but you sound reasonably busy and there was other traffic about so I can only give feedback on my stuff directly.

  • You had me line up and wait for what looked like IB traffic on a crossing RW. Once I completed the LUAW you could have cleared me for immediate TO with plenty of room. Not a big deal - just an observation.
  • You handled my RW change request well incl giving new exit instr after the option.
  • You had me extend UW at one point. I think this was because there as another AC landing on the crossing RW (12 vs. me at 7L). Good pattern / timing awareness esp since I was doing tight patterns.
  • Correct response to reporting in full stop.

All in all it seemed really good. I was hoping to get sequenced behind someone at some point to see how that would go but keeping me in my own little pattern made sense.

Thanks for controlling!


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Yeah i wanted us both to watch SnowCone’s landing at least i told myself that lol. But nah i thought he was going to keep his speed up and you were already waiting for a bit so i was like might as well haha.

But yeah everything else you got spot on! : )
I was watching the thread the whole time you couldve asked lol.
No problem boss! ill see if i can get a 24 hour session in and you’re welcome to come back anytime and invite people lol.

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Also i hope your wife learned a bit about aviation(if it was about that) in your PW “steep turns and pulling G’s out there.”

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I just spawned, but you’re not there.
Did you close? or device issues? Should I wait?

im here chillin. no problems on my end i hope