Kogalymavia Flight 9268

I just heard this on news, quite shocked right now. Fully loaded A321

A passenger jet travelling from the Egyptian resort Sharm el-Sheikh to the Russian city of St Petersburg disappeared from radar screens in Cypriot airspace.

The source said the aircraft was an Airbus A321, had 224 passengers and crew on board, and was operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia.

What is your source?

about aircraft read it on rt.com or uk.reuters.com

Scary stuff, should we just wait until its confirmed? So far its a big guessing game.


Possibly the second A321 to crash. My prayers got to all the people on-board and the Mothers/Fathers/Brother/Sisters/Children etc of the passengers


Airblue 101 was the first I think.

You are correct.

Just read it on twitter

@flightradar24: Flight #7K9268 was descending with about 6000 feet per minute just before signal was lost
https://t.co/RlcJTpDHwI https://t.co/T4Wq78bhyi

Confirmed Crashed.
RIP everyone involved.

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RIP, another A321 Tragedy.

Another sad day indeed :(

I wont go to Sharm el Sheikh anymore, that is a fact …

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Better don’t fly at all, even tough its safer then walking / driving a car or your bicycle.


It isn’t that bad if you think how many planes are in the sky compared with how many crash the only scary thing is that in a plane crash you have less chance of surviving compared to a car crash

Ooosh… I live in Cyprus

Acording to FlightRadar, the plane stalled.

I think its more to do with the airlines @Edvards_Ozols , there is a reason I choose to fly UK based airlines/german because of their top notch safety record. The newer developing countries/the less well off ones are always going to be less safety conscious. Plus, first genuine loss of an airliner this year is it not?

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Then why did it suddenly disappear from the radars at 30000ft??

Not suddenly. Look - the plane started a very fast climb, just before the plane lost airspeed. MEANING that either the Auto Pilot was trying to fight against the stall (pulling the nose up) or the pilot lost control. After the the climb, the plane lost airspeed and stalled.

R.I.P. everyone. Very sad moment.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an NTSB Investigator, but these are my thoughts.