Kobe to Matsumuto ft. The beautiful city of Nagoya

Japan consists of rocks, rice and cities

-Some food YouTuber

Flight information
  • Server: expert
  • Route: RJBE - RJAF
  • Flight time: 0:40

Strobe lights!

Wing view of the same frame

Short final at Matsumoto


Completely agree, I think the only thing missing is the culture and given your pfp (Man of culture I see), you might agree. Great pics as always Callaa!

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Great Photos @callaa!

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The first one is just soo realistic, I love that 😍

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Now this one we don’t have to fight abt :)

Do you really want to fight about everything? πŸ—ΏπŸ—Ώ

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No, just the a220