KNUC to KSAN, 1130Z

I am planning a flight asap and I wanted some company comment and tell me your callsign

my call sign cook000
time: 12:30 bst

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15 mins intill I close this

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I will be there aircraft and livery?

your Thomas cook @Jack982005

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But I am also the owner of CVA may I come in CVA aircraft?

If you want to

use your Thomas cook callsign

Going to set up joystick discuss route and altitudes over PM

roger that

@Lare This post does not meet the #live:events category guidelines so please don’t incorrectly move a topic :)

@jjt0909 I’d reccomend using ZULU time for all events, flights or meetups because that is the standard time used in aviation and across the community. Not everyone knows how to convert to BST.


I will in the near future

I just made the title better and converted to Zulu. Cheers!

thank you i apreciate it

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