KNUC terrain bug

  1. Solo mode KNUC 06 take off
  2. Tower view aircraft following
  3. Take off roll
  4. I saw this

iPhone 6 - iOS 9.3.1
Latest IF version

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What’s the problem? I’m not seeing get it

check the left wheel you can see the runway is “eated” by the grass

A similar bug was reported (only that the grass was following the plane all the way to the runway and takeoff roll )although in your case doesn’t seem to quite be the same.Maybe a restart or reinstall should fix that…perhaps maybe try changing the Terrain settings to a higher quality or lower (assuming its at highest that is) just to check if it still persist

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i did see this at other airport about a year ago. In my case it was a one-off thing. But I do hear about this occasionally. I don’t know if this was a specific bug which was fixed.

In my case I just assumed there was a bird sitting on the antenna :-)

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