KNUC (SoCal) CLOSED on the Advanced Server

San Clemente Tower and Ground is OPEN on the Advanced Server.
No wind.
Not the greatest visibility. (7 miles)
Pattern Work is accepted.
RWY23 for takeoffs, landings, and pattern work.

Some info:
One of the primary military function of San Clemente has been to support research and development of many of the Navy’s weapon systems. In 1939, the Navy developed the first Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel (LCVP) “Higgins Boat” at SCI. This was the beginning of the Naval Amphibious Force, which was one of the key factors in the outcome of World War II. Today SCI’s primary function is twofold: (1) to support tactical training of the Pacific Fleet, and (2) to continue as a key research and development facility. SCI provides the Navy and Marine Corps a multi-threat warfare training range. A major part of Navy training takes place on the ranges right off the SCI shores. The primary range covers over 149,000 square miles (386,000 km²) and is the Navy’s busiest Fleet airspace. Also included in this training area are two mine exercise areas, the Southern California Anti-Submarine Warfare Range, seven submarine areas, the shallow water Undersea Training Range, and two laser training ranges. In total, SCI is a unique combination of airfields, airspace and ranges unlike any other facility owned by the Navy. It is the only location in the Pacific where surface ships, submarines, aircraft and Navy expeditionary forces can train in all warfare areas simultaneously using shore gunnery, bombardment, air defense, anti sub and electronic warfare


On my way EIN118 will be my callsign