KNUC Ground Controllers

This is about the ATC Playground server. I think that the “Ground controller” is taken for granted as all you have to do is allow pushbacks and guide an aeroplane to any active runway while you simultaneously run the tower. This doesn’t work out in all airports.

I think this especially happens in KNUC San Clemente where there is only one main taxiway. I’m not going to name names of controllers but it’s obvious when they show no attention to ground and only tower. For example:

A common problem is when an aircraft lands in one direction and requests to taxi to parking and another aircraft is taxing to the opposite end of the runway. If the controller is not watching then the two aircraft will just pass eachother on the same taxiway (pass through eachother) which is very unrealistic. Instead if the controller was awake then they would have said “hold position” to one of the aeroplanes. Just a tip to controllers to be mindful of ground control as well.


They’re not moving towards the same direction, they’re moving towards eachother, I did try to imply that.


There needs to be more exits from the runway at KNUC


You mean as they enter the parking area they are colliding? Other wise that can’t happen

Speculation… Sit in the controler seat and watch. Hit the 1 exit your out. Miss it you roll to the end of the Rwy to exit. Continued problem here. Taxiway incursions are a regular occurrence. Max Sends
( Good Catch @Cjnapas)

@Maxmustang that would be on the opposite end of the runway in use so their would be no traffic holding short at that point.

It is possible in infinite flight. One aeroplane landed on runway 23 and another taxied to runway 05, the landing aeroplane made it to the exit taxiway before the other aeroplane had made it to the runway to takeoff and this resulted in them facing eachother on the same taxiway…?

In real life there arent

Yeah I know

it sounds like a ATC and Pilot educational teaching moment if that’s the case. Note to all pilots and ATC’s if you have a single runway only one end is in use even if both are green so be aware of your surroundings and adjust to the pattern flow. If you have to remake a flight plan so be it.

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No hold short… Two landing in sequence. 1st overshoot first exit, 2 takes first exit. Parking not in center but off set. Picture it or watch a heave flow evolution on the weekend with a mixed bag of fighters and Hvy junk. Max

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Then why add them?

Why not. Plus this airfield belongs to the US Navy and restricts commercial traffic w/o prior permission. It a Fighter recovery/Refuel point for fighter out of Miramar & North Island. I still can’t understand way Commercial junk iis permitted to use it. I’d X it. Max Sends


Now that I can agree with.

I don’t use it in game at all, unless I’m in a fighter which I rarely am.


Gotta admit, it’s a terrible airport to land at


On your map why is there a passenger terminal?

I wondered that

I don’t know that’s the current airport layout until the 15th though.