KNUC Got empty...finally

No commercial airline there finallyimage

22 seconds later…image


R.I.P KNUC will never be empty.


Matt should put a permanent TFR around it that auto-ghosts airliners


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I had that idea a while ago…


They should just build a commercial airport next to KNUC irl. It is after all a fun airport and location

Maybe wait that the newtork has load ALL the planes…?
its happen to me also

When the Local Government converts KNUC into a Commercial Airport after sees Infinite Flight photos dominating the “San Clemente Airport” or “KNUC Airport” keywords in Google search :P

It’s nice to see KNUC to be busy, but not with airliners (Especially A380, B777, B744).

It will be nice to see it with F-14 though…

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Yes,it loaded all planes.

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