KNUC approach now closed! (TS1)

Come down to KNUC and rate my ATC skills!


I’ll come down in 5!

You are going to be pushed to the limit on ts1

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I suggest open a different airport. Too much traffic for TS1 which means you won’t get many follow instructions. So for us to see your ‘skills’ choose a quiet airport I recommend YSCB for now. since your Aussie 🇦🇺

Also start with Tower and Ground :)


Guys it is closed. 😡. Someone made me become an observer. Even though I was the first one on. It is useless to come.

But @Panther I spotted you


Damn! Why’d you closed?

@Aussie_Cockatoo did you see this?


if it is closed can you fix the topic?

No longer at KNUC, now at SYD tower

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@Aussie_Cockatoo Approach or T/G?

Oh oh it still says “observer”. What’s going on?

Reboot your app and try again.


capture a screen shot. We’ll see what is the problem

Done that already. Dang

Here you go.
Why is it my old username?


Can you please close this topic.

Please and Thank You! :)

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Or could a Regular or Dev change the name of the topic to: On live it says observer when I am the only ATC and change this to #support

Make a new thread in #support

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Hot Tip: Use the handy flag button at your disposal! 😉

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I usually use it… But for ATC topics I dont like to because then the topic may be closed.

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