KNUC Airport

What is the name of KNUC city?

KNUC is a Military base. Its located off the coast of Los Angeles and was very popular in the old Infinite Flight. It was a great tourist attraction, and it was infamously known for its Barrel-rolling 747s and the occasional A380 speeding at Mach 1 on final approach.


It’s a naval base in the San Clemente island off the coast of SoCal.


Oh, the good old days. Before we could fly anyware so we flew A380s and did barrel rolls… 😂


It’s off the coast of California, near Los Angeles.
San Clemente Island, California.

I’ll come by, why not 😂

Attention Everyone: the question has been answered. No need to jump in whith your two cents.


@MrMrMan Don’t forget the callsign
@BobbyRobert I answered because he was asking where I was controlling (I just posted I was controlling in KNUC). (I also added in the LA part :D)

Thanks :) fixed now!

No one is jumping in with their two cents, they’re commenting on their favorite memories on the airports in the old pre global days which is just fine. There is no need for such strictness on here, personally I loved the crazy action on KNUC TS1, good laughs every time.


Yeah, but two other people had already explained what it is. No need for a third.

@Chief305 that may be true, but peeple were also saying it was an island, which to the extent of my knowledge isn’t a memory.

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Caught you slippin

The Island is called San Clemente, the base is San Clemente NALF.

We not take it to a PM as there is nothing to PM about @anon7075715 :)


Ok, I’ll add something then to this discussion.
KNUC was one of the most popular airports to fly to/from KLAX (Los Angeles) before Global was released. It was a nice short haul route that people enjoyed flying; it only takes around 20 minutes (I think).
Large planes like B747s would come by all the time, and the traffic would always be insane. But, of course, it was TS1, so people taxied through each other all the time. :D

For one : sorry about that awful takeoff, I never fly this plane
Two : anyone I can contact for feedback or straight to you?

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straight to me is fine

Didn’t realize this was the wrong thread, oops!

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yeah I was wondering…

This used to be the go to airport before Global was a thing

My recent flight plan from KLAX to KNUC. It’s a great airport!


Wait, are you running the old IF? I thought they changed the map?