KNTK: Undeveloped Airfield

Sorry I do not know which airport… @Kilt_McHaggis

Let’s start narrowing this down. Which region?

Can you provide your FPL?

KLAX to KSAN yesterday…

I was not following my FPL…approach was vectoring me

Looks like a pretty cool airport whatever it is.

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That airport appears to be the old USMC Tustin. It’s north of the final approach course RWY 20R KSNA.

Also, it’s a Marine Corp helicopter base, or at least it use to be.




Never been touched by an editor



This airport looks awesome.

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Good, you guys should keep it that way.
USMC Tustin has been closed for years. There’s hardly any evidence of it left now.

Here’s a pick of how the old base looked for awhile after it shut down.


Keep it what way? Just concrete with zero lines? Do we want to fly in here (like we did with Meigs Field or just leave as a barren wasteland? @carmalonso.

On another note, do we need blimps in IF? (lol)

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The field was a US Marine Corp helicopter base. None of the IF aircraft, with the exception of the single-engine aircraft, can really use this field.

Plus at the time it sat directly under KSNA Class C airspace, so there were departure and arrival restriction at this field.

I do like how you guys added it on the game just not for aircraft use. It serves more as geographical accuracy and a VFR reference point.

I wouldn’t worry about making it detailed. What I would definitely do if it’s not done already, is put “[X]” in front of the name to indicate it is closed.

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Whats the name of the airport?

@Joost3008 USMC Air Station Tustin

And the region, can you fly from it?

@Joost3008 please see the above pictures. No, you can’t fly from it or to it.
The region is SoCal

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Aahh its a nice airport