KNRS 26/08 Runway Surface

26/08 at KNRS is the wrong surface on infinite flight. It shows as grass but it is really concrete.

PS: Go into satellite view.

I saw a concrete runway on Imperial Beach when landing at MMTJ.

Yeah, but there are TWO runways. Only one is correct.

Let me check.

One is a concrete runway,the second one is made out of grass, and a google
image search shows that there is a second runway.


I know there are two runways, but if you look on google earth and both runways are concrete.

In our repository the runway showed up as “Transparent”. Changing it to Concrete as that is the correct material type.

Thanks for this issue!

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Library file has now been marked up along with the white line cleaning for this airport. As usual we are busy making many adjustments to small bugs that have been brought to our attention.

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