Known flying objects spotted over california


just joking. or am i?
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Server: “E”S
Plane: CrappyRegional Jet
Flight time: 0:28 KSBA-KLAX

Parked at Santa Barbara, along with unknown user

do you actually “rotate” the yoke when you take off? or is it simply, pulling back?


tom cruise

chasing unknown user on final

whoever can spot the company plane on final wins a cookie 🍪

I-SUCK… some burgers

yes, i know, that was the worst joke ever

meanwhile at the in n out…

“mummy, why is this man taking photos of me?”

somehow got a 2fpm landing

parked at gate with unknown user and @drey

stay safe yall!


Love it it was nice taxing with ya and my bad i hit the brakes a little too hard i thought we were both gonna get violations but ground understood us 👍


Completely my fault, I was checking what airport you flew in from and totally forgot to keep an eye in front of me. Sorry!

Also, thanks!

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Amazing photos! 😍


Thanks! Appreciate it

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The coolest part about all of this is that we landed on the exact same runway all crj-700 eith the swme livery on accident 😂

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I know, what a coincidence lmao 😂

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Area 51? xD love your pictures mate!

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Thank you :)