Knowing your right from your left and your frequencies

Okay pilots when ATC instructs you to enter left downwind it means the runway will be on your LEFT side with a LEFT crosswind to final. When ATC instructs you to enter right downwind it mean the runway will be on your RIGHT with a RIGHT crosswind to final. Please stop giving KLGA tower extra work because there is no ATC at KJFK there is a difference between runway 13 at KLGA and runway 13L &13R at KJFK, I CANNOT clear you for takeoff 🛫 if you are not at KLGA please contact KJFK UNICOM if there is no ATC. This is not a rant just a 📝


Da da da DAAA! There’s already a tutorial that explains this :)

This is not about staying In the pattern but thanks for the input

I get what you mean about people contacting KLGA when there inbound for KJFK or vice versa.I’m guessing your on TS1 so it’s hard to make a rule or tutorial because pilots can still do their own thing. You just got to roll through it


I usually just give them a frequency change approved

Yea that’s probaly the best thing to do. Just ignore them and they probaly stop

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I understand that we all love human contact when on live but I can’t clear for takeoff or landing at another airport 😂😂 it’s like no one like using Unicom 😂😂

Yea I would think that its self explanatory but you never know on TS1 sometimes what people are thinking😂

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Well there are some grades that can go on expert but still don’t listen when on TS because there is no consequence for thier incorrect actions

Also KLGA does not handle heavies except maybe a 767 because of gate and runway accommodations

The biggest Aircraft in there should be a 757 and A321. No larger aircraft should be landing even if they think they can

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Although I agree a 757 should be the largest But doesn’t air Canada use a 767

Nope they use a A320 hourly to Toronto and a A321 to Vancouver

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Great thanks…I’m wondering what the difference is between the commands aircraft is too large for this airport and aircraft is too heavy for this airport

You would do this aircraft is too large if it cant come into or depart the aircraft because of runway distance or its wingspan while taxing. Aircraft too heavy is when it’s like an A380 that can takeoff if its not too heavy but if it is too heavy to taxi or takeoff safely you give them this command. Sadly you cant see the weight of the aircraft so that one doesnt really come into effect

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Okay I thought they meant almost the same thing. Controlling KLGA as soon as anything bigger than a 757 appears I tell them they are too large. Then ignore them if they continue to pushback taxi and ask for takeoff 🛫 clearance

Yea so if there in a 767 and you tell them there too large they normally wont listen or ask to taxi. Most times they leave. But if they dont just tell them there too large everytime they ask to do something. Dont let it get to you as a controller because it will then affect your controlling. Just ignore them and you’ll be IFATC soon enough where that won’t happen


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