Knowing Which Runways

I may be completely naive to this being a Grade 3 with 200+ hours. I honestly never know which runways to plan for the airport of my destination. I know sometimes to you see all runways labeled green, sometimes red and green. I want to be able to plan my arrival and approach without having to change it close to arrival due to winds. Can anyone let me know how you can check winds or which runway to land on when planning an approach? Thanks. Sorry for the dumb question that is probably pretty simple.

What I do is check for whatever runways the IRL aircraft are doing, or tune into the airports ATIS on


Yes I also look at flightradar24 an hour to destination, but I still put a specific arrival and approach before the flight either based on my knowledge of the airport’s most common pattern or based on the active runway at the time I put my FPL in.

If you’re after realism you’d want to review your arrival anyways before your TOD and at this time you’ll have a better understanding of the wind direction and you can check flightradar24 or similar to confirm your choice of runway.

This is all of course assuming an uncontrolled airport or at the discretion of the active ATC.

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Awesome thank you. Honestly I did not know that it is the same as IRL live procedures.

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