Knowing when to retract flaps for landing

Most reworked aircraft have it located in the cockpit near the PFDs. If not, then look it up for the aircraft or check out Infinite Flights’ YouTube channel with tutorials and more. They also have it linked on their website.

I appreciate you’re simplifying things for the sake of the community here. That said, surely during your ATPLs your instructors taught you that the idea of flaps is not to make slowing down easier (though this is absolutely a side effect) but rather to produce the same amount of lift at a slower speed and reduce the stall speed accordingly, thus allowing for safer landings?

Yes, flaps are used to slow down the aircraft, but that isn’t the main point of them being there.


Not an ATPL yet! Thanks for the additional comments

I’m confused. What was the question agin?!😂

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Me neither, my apologies - over this side of the pond we call the 14 ground school exams ‘The ATPLs’! I just meant during ground school. Apologies for the confusion!


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