Know What? Fudge you! “Spitfire’s your GA Day”

Hey all! So the the thread says the rest soooo all I can say is the spitfire is the greatest plane ever due to no Autopilot all manual and is the hardest to fly and land/takeoff. Would use again 🙃

Also if anyone remembers my flying to each state series sorry been super busy but I got you tomorrow!




Took about a rough 20min

Parked at the gate

Takeing off on the greatest aircraft no issues.


Passing by this Volcano or mountain.

A nice manual Cruise between 11,000 and 9,000ft

On Approach

Nice Cockpit

On Final

Truly buttered the bread definitely wasn’t a bad landing what’s so ever!

Thanks for checking out my post! What do you think about the truly amazing best aircraft to use in the game the Spitfire?


The seventh picture. That’s the best.

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It’s a great photo

You know. I was being ironic…

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? What it is a great photo Idk what your talking about you just have bad taste of spitfire pictures…🤦

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Nope… I was talking about the funny cockpit

It’s not funny it’s the best cockpit in IF…

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Smile, Sweet, Sister… SPITFIRE (for da memes)

Nice shots @DeltaFox


Thanks, Spitfire will live in my heart forever…

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First #screenshots-and-videos topic about the Spitfire I’ve seen in a long time! Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

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Nice Pics

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@bcc.123 Your welcome! glad you liked them!

I can see why they aren’t used and put into this topic often as they are extremely hard to fly with 😅

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Spitfire when it gets called a GA plane:


Very funny stuff…

Wish I knew why they were classified as a GA plane.