Know of any flights?

Hey guys. Fpltoif/random won’t work, so I need your help. Does anyone know of a 10 hour flight I could do?

It just worked for me moments ago. Did you try refreshing your browser?

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Yes. It works, but when I put in an airport ICAO, it only puts it as the departure airport:

Yes, it’s supposed to be like that.
You select a departure or arrival ICAO… and then it finds a flight for you :)

Or you don’t but anything at all and it drops this;

… or this:

It seems to have a taste for Vegas…

Must want to win big!

In all seriousness, @Reid, PANC to a lot of Asian destinations is around 10 hours.




@Reid PANC is always a perfect idea but also KLAX to RJTT is 10:11. PANC is also good though. You should do PANC in a cargo livery 😂

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Depends on wind. It’s taken me up to 13 hours.

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Oh. I’ve always had be exactly 10:11.


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I was flying in 150kt headwinds to be fair. Even changing altitudes didn’t help.

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Server break again? 😂

Jk, I’ve had those too. Not great.

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PANC! So many great long-haul, narrow-body IF memories out of that great airport such as ANC-NRT or ANC-LED or ANC-OSL. Fun times.

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You’re right about the great airport part, lol.

Long haul narrow body flights though? 😂
We do have Icelandair’s 757 to BIRK (Reykjavik) in the summer.

Non-realistic flights that is. (Its BIKF actually. BIRK is a GA/Private airport.)

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KLAX to SAEZ it is an 11 hour flight!

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