Know how to bring your bus down? check this informative Airbus web site

Hi all,
I found the following very detailed description of Airbus planes descent modes and good practice for pilots.

The site contains many other informative pages that could be of some interest for some people here.

If miscategorized or already published information, feel free to close this ASAP.

Happy flights to all.



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Thought you meant school bus.


That was the catch!

“Please let this be a normal field trip, with the Fritz? No way!”

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Infinite Flight does not have this in the live cockpits.
The -o -S -F marks are in some kind of way linked to auto thrust which isn’t available in Infinite Flight.

When approaching :
Airbus decelerates and waits at -o speed for flaps 1
And waits at -S speed for flaps 2 generally at 1 dot above G/S
And waits at -F speed for flaps 3 and full (or not full) generally after gear down at 2000 ft
And finally waits at Vapp
At 20 ft you retard throttle to idle which stops auto-thrust

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Sure, I know, thanks. I stil is interesting for me to know how real airbuses work. IF cockpits are nearly complex enough for me right now…

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Wow, this is quite helpful. If it’s not too much of a burden, do you mind digging up something similar for Boeing aircraft? Thanks.

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Well, you may want to check these mags :

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