Know heading at ATC

Hi, when I’m controlling at atc, usually at approach, it’s difficult to know the heading you have to give to the planes. At vids they have like a circle but I don’t find it. If someone could help me, thanks.

Press and hold on an aircraft, then drag your finger. Let go when you have the direction you want them to go, click send to send the aircraft a heading instruction. This is called the drag and vector feature.


It’s also important to know the headings of the four pattern legs, because generally, everything is in relation to them. If you want someone on downwind, you want to know runway heading and give them 180 from that. That you’re going to then turn 90 degrees for base, etc.


You can also combine heading and altitude, issue a holding pattern, left/right 360, all from using the drag and vector.

The info above may well have answered your question.
For additional info check out this Approach tutorial

I feel like what you’re trying to ask is what the compass looking thing is in the tutorials?

If so, I think it is an old feature that got removed when the drag and vector feature got added



Thanks to all of you.

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