Hello so basically when you get above a sertain altitude the setting speed turns to foe eg M 0.87 but i want it to stay on knots so i how fast i am going and when i set it to hig it gives me a violation im not sure how its compares to knots

What aircraft are you in? You can see how fast you are going in knots by looking at the airspeed bar!

You have to look into your airspeed. For commercial aircraft, over FL100 you can’t fly faster than 350kts unless be on overspeed. Normal speed may be between 250-290kts

Yes,the airspeed turns into knots automatically after passing around 27,000 feet. I don’t know a way to keep this in knots,but I recommend Mach. If you are in aircraft like the A320 and 737,you should go around M.78,and larger aircraft at M.84 and M.85. Also,this should be in support,not general.

You can, but it isn’t allowed in real life and in IF

Affirmative. This is just the limit they have set :).

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Above FL280 (28,000 feet) the indication on the Autopilot switches to Mach speed. The reason for this is, as you are approaching closer and closer to the speed of sound this pressure is more important then the Knots value of the aircraft. You are still able to view the KTS on the speed tape, and are always able to view Mach abvove the mini map.