Knocked out on landing

Every time I try to land at an ATC controlled airport Infinite Flight stops working. Tried reinstalling at it keeps doing it. Any ideas?

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What is your operating device and the OS version of it?

Happened to me today while trying to land at Beijing. I heard staff are trying to release another hotfix which could potentially solve these problems

Sorry to hear you are experiencing crashes.

I know it’s frustrating.

Others are also experiencing app crashes.
Several topics can be found about the issues.

This is just one of them:

The hotfix already fixed several issues found in crash reports.
Luckily crash reports are sent automatically, so you can count on the devs being hard at work tracking down causes for those crashes and finding fixes for them.
It will take some time though, so please bear with them.
It has top priority.

There is already a fix in place for a specific crash during a long-haul flight. It’s currently being tested.
Hope it’s the one you are experiencing. 🤞

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