KMYR (Myrtle Beach international)

Do any of you guys every fly out of/into KMYR? I have hardly seen any aircraft at KMYR since I downloaded IF a year ago. Also I will be running ATC on TS1 at KMYR from 2:40 PM EST to 3:20 PM EST.

I have before, usually Allegiant/Spirit/American Eagle flights like in real life. But not often though.

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I fly a lot of regional jets out of there because it is in close proximity to KSAV and KCLT. If you want to take a flight out of there. I am controlling there

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Fun fact: KMYR was the main hub for “Hooters Air” 👀


@Joseph_Spinner hope I did okay getting you out of MYR 😂

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I have flown into MYR a couple of times, from Long Island, NY and from Manchester, NH in Infinite Flight

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I live probably 15 minutes from it. It’s a great little airport, I can leave my house and get through security in little over an hour.

I do, I’ve flown every commercial route out of MYR in Infinite flight

If you ever want an ATC there let me know.

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Hey when will you be controlling there again?

I will actually be on in 5 minutes

I am on ATC at KMYR for the next hour.

I am landing at KLAS in 30 mins then I’ll come do pattern work

Ok great. Bare with me, as i am still getting the hang of vectoring aircraft. Im no IFATC, but i think i do a decent job

Nice catch and what a lovely little airport.
Built with a lot of attention by our airport editors.

When I was in the US last year, in Raleigh, we made a day-trip and drove the coast. Beautiful day. A week or so later, a major storm did a lot of damage there. Sad.

I just flew there and did some patterns. Nice.


Come to think about it I’ve barely flew into KMYR. Maybe I’ll do a flight into there later today. 😉

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I’ll be doing ATC there a 2:30 PM EST today.

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Yes sir, there was a good amount of damage done by hurricane florence. I’m a myrtle beach resident and live 15 minutes from the airport. The whole place was flooded.

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