KMSY question

In Infinite flight to keep things realistic, should I be parking on the south or north terminal at KMSY? From my understanding one side is closed and the other is not?


I’m no expert with KMSY, but from what I saw, the north terminal is under construction. I’m not sure if it’s complete yet or not, so I would park at the south terminal to be safe.

Edit: well, looks like it was completed.


The north terminal is the one edited in IF. The south terminal has no taxiway markings or gates. The north side is open irl and the south terminals have been shut down as far as I know.


All airlines are operating out of the north terminal after it opened in 2019, so that’s where you should go.


Thank you all! was there a south parking in IF middle of last year?

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Hello! The north terminal is the new one! The south terminal is closed now as far as I know. I’m a flight attendant and we only use the shiny nice new one that’s north of runways 11/29!


The airport was updated after a very long wait for imagery 2 months ago.

It had the south Terminal fully built and only the North’s building cut out (with no markings). Now it is the opposite.


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