KMSY Planespotting Information Wiki


Louis Armstrong New Orleans Int’l Airport



Shoulder of Veterans Boulevard
FAA and police don’t mind
An assortment of planes on busy days
So. Many. Obstructions.

Parking garage (if you’re lucky)
You can see a lot (just about every terminal)
The police will ask you to not go up there to planespot

You can expect a wide variety of aircraft:


Any kind of Southwest 737
Condor 767
BA 787 (night time only)
Air Canada Express E175
Delta 757, 717, MD90, A319, CRJ200, CRJ700
United A319

I don’t know a lot about cameras. So as long as it has a good optical zoom, it should work.


I wonder if there’s a lot of people in the IFC that live at KMSY…

What/who is this for?


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This is my hometown airport thank you very much I’ll be sure to plane spot here soon


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