KMSP To The World! - Infinite Flight World Tour

One day I was on Infinite Flight and I was tired of just doing the same flights and not seeing the whole world. So I decided why not just do an Infinite Flight World Tour to connect the World so I wouldn’t be just doing the same flights over and over again. I thought that I wouldn’t just start from a major hub like KLAX or KJFK but to start from my home airport of KMSP and fly around the globe in 33 flights, I will be doing this from July 30 - September 30 so join me on a few as I fly around the globe!

My Route

Flight 1 - Completed July 30th

Callsign: Southwest 2824
1hr 39 min
Southwest 737-800

Arrived In KDEN at Gate 35

Flight 2 - Completed July 31st

Callsign: United 1131
1hr 41 min
United A320

Arrived in KSAT at Gate B7

Flight 3 - Completed July 31st

Callsign: Volaris 959
2hr 5 min
Volaris A319
Forgot to take photo🥲

Flight 4 - August 1st | 2:00 PM CDT

Callsign: Aeromexico 233
50 min
Aeromexico 737-800


What is the next flight I will join if it’s on training server

I am spawning at San Antonio on the volaris A319 in 30 minutes if you want to join, I will do training if you can’t do expert

It will be gate A6

Fun idea ! Use the same plane ? AA 772 ER “ONE WORLD” livery…seems appropriate 🙂

You can choose your plane

That sounds good

I will spawn now if that’s ok

I just spawned in

Ok I am joining now

Copy my FPL

Ok I will right now

Can I do a little something to it to make it better also what runway for departure

We will be taking off on rwy 13R

Ok I will tell you when ready to re copy my

Sounds good

Re copy it now

Use the PM I created

Would anybody like to join me on a short hop from MMGL-MMMX at 2:00 pm cdt tomorrow on an Aeromexico 737-700?

I more than likely can and will