KMSP to KDEN (Minneapolis to denver)

aircraft/ Livery: 737-800 Southwest Heart


Time of departure: 3:00 PM 14th of Dec 2018 6(UTC) time

server: Casual

This is my first flyout with a group and my first group flight so sorry if I got anything wrong and just leave it be if you want to come fly please comment and I will answer as soon as possible

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For starters, you should use the correct title format. Right now, it’s wrong.

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I fixed the title for you, but check here for future reference ;)

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just leave it be it is fine the way it is.

Please stop removing the date. This is a required aspect of your post.

I know it is it is in the topic when you click on it there for it is in the topic.

This doesn’t classify as a group flight - group flights need to be under three hours away, so this classifies as an event. Please have a read through the topic linked above and take a look at the requirements. Feel free to post a similar event when you reach TL2, or do a spontaneous group flight that fits the guidelines!

Please do contact me if you need any more clarification.

Thanks for your understanding!

P.S. We do require you to put the date in the title in a certain format. This is also outlined in the linked post :)